Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

The Office of the Public Defender provides quality legal representation and/or advice to any individual financially unable to employ counsel in adult criminal, juvenile delinquency, mental conservatorship, appropriate family law, and probate cases. 

Our Vision

The Office of the Public Defender serves as the:

  • Guardian of Due Process
  • Champion of Constitutional Rights
  • Sentinel who keeps the power of the state over the individual in check
  • Protector of life and liberty
  • Advocate for the poor

In cases where it is mandated by law to provide legal representation.  

Our Values

  • We legitimize the legal system - innocent people should not be punished
  • We enforce the law - to ensure due process is applied equally to all
  • We act as a system of checks & balances - to avoid the old adage "absolute power corrupts absolutely" coming true
  • We are advocates for the poor - we want our legal system to be fair to all